Hosting a Volunteer

Let our program participants serve your organization and allow them to contribute with new ideas and fresh concepts for your projects.

Why host a U.S. or international volunteer?

In today’s global environment it is becoming more and more common for students to volunteer at home or go abroad in order to gain experience in international organizations. But the skills and benefits these young people bring to the table for a hosting organization is far underappreciated. Even for organizations which are not operating internationally, applicants from foreign countries will bring great value and experience due to their high motivation and willingness to contribute. Through our extensive network we are able to find adequate volunteers supporting your organization – full time or part-time.

What are the benefits for your organization in hosting a volunteer?
  1. Opportunity to take international applicants
    Due to their foreign background, international students will create a multicultural atmosphere within your organization and a dynamic business environment. All applicants are highly motivated regarding their willingness to actively contribute to business processes and projects.
  2. Cultural diversity by creating a multicultural and dynamic business atmosphere
    By hosting international applicants, naturally they bring new ways of thinking as well as insights in different operations that might not have been previously thought of. Furthermore, regarding their different educational and professional backgrounds, these applicants will provide your business with a variety of perspectives on your internal and external projects.
  3. Greater Availability and unique international perspectives and skills
    The benefits of hiring international applicants can be represented in their availability in terms of contribution. American students may only be available for several hours a week due to their studies or other commitments. Conversely, foreign applicants come to the U.S. specifically for this internship experience. Therefore international applicants will be available for 30-40 hours a week up to 12 months a year, which saves your organization time by not forcing them to train new applicants every month. This also enables your business to be more flexible in regard to its applicant’s responsibilities and lets them participate in projects more effectively and actively.
  4. There are no fees involved for you as a hosting organization.
What is the role of the GACC CA within this process?

All arrangements will be prepared by us, including presenting you the resume, setting up the phone or personal interview, preparing the paperwork regarding the appropriate visa (if needed), requiring just a signature from you on a general support letter for the U.S. Consulate. Again, this process will be completely without cost for your organization and ongoing support will be provided throughout the whole duration of this process.

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