Business Addresses & Office Service

Deciding to establish an American representative address in the early phases of your venture can be a great benefit. However, often, foreign expansions fail for not having enough time to probe their perspective markets. That is why the GACC California offers services to provide an office address in the US where your businesses can be contacted. The advantage of our service is that a fully-functioning office exists, but all the costs of renting and furnishing it don’t have to be incurred.

This is service is ideal for firms and executives that regularly make short business trips to the US, but still handle most of their business abroad. This way, they can meet with clients, take care of business in a professional atmosphere, and not worry about the expenses of keeping permanent office space.

This service gives international entrepreneurs a more comfortable solution to finding the right office space. During this time they have a telephone number, attractive office address, fax machine, PDF-scanner, internet access, and a cleaning service available.

Possible forms of assistance include:

  • Only a business address in San Diego, California
  • Business address and workplace in San Diego
  • Business address, workplace, and account management
  • Information about office prices and conditions across the entire USA
  • Assistance with searching for specific office needs across the USA

If you are interested in our services, let us know your company’s office needs via email. We will then contact you with how we can help you.