Establishing Firms in the U.S.

Are you eagerly searching opportunities to expand to new markets and make new partners? Are you interested in opening an American branch to improve relations with important clients, collaborative partners, or distributors? Then the US market could offer you a great opportunity for new successes.

The US Market is still one of the most interesting markets in the world, especially for German firms. The US offers dynamic growth potential to service-oriented entrepreneurs. This is due to the generally stable, cost-effective conditions, innovation by local firms, the dense industrial network, and the country’s strong buying power. Moreover, American positive business relationships with their European partners have remained unchanged. They are still marked by mutual respect, sympathy, and appreciation.

In order to help ease market entry, we offer can offer you ideas about market entry possibilities.

Note: The GACC California is certified by the California Secretary of State to act as an Agent of Service of Process regarding the founding of American firms.

Possible Strategies for Market Entry
  • Exports – Often this is the first step to market entry.
  • Establishing a Sales Representative – This is only meaningful when products should be sold directly to the consumer in the US
  • Opening a Branch Office – This is most often fitting when business requires an independent export department
  • Subsidiary – This is necessary when a company would like to found a commercially and legally autonomous business in the USA
  • Joint Venture – A mutually beneficial merger of at least two investors who are pursuing the same end. It is best when it optimizes the overall portfolio and/or makes the business more efficient.
  • Exceptions Include: property purchases and management, asset management
Common Questions About Founding a Business in the USA

Before founding a business in America, it is really helpful to set up a solid plan of action. Some questions that are important to consider include:

  • In which state(s) should my business operate?
  • Which legal form is most suitable for my needs (i.e. LLC, Co., or Inc.)?
  • What position should I personally play in the business?
  • How much capital do I need to raise?
  • How are the tax and accounting structures designed?
  • How long should the start-up period take?
  • Who will be my American point of contact for business matters as well as for US authorities?
  • Which name should the newly formed business have and/or will this have to be registered or protected?
  • How do you define your mission and goals for the American business?
  • Which trademark and patent law aspects are there to consider?
  • What licences are required to take on this venture?
  • How would someone go about registering for licences?
  • What is the process of applying for permission to work/reside in the US?
  • What are the laws concerning my workplace and how do I stay in compliance?
Our Service

Founding an American business can be a new world of great opportunity but also full of hidden setbacks. That is why we offer ourselves as your partner during the start-up phase of your venture. We would like to be there to help guide you through bureaucracy, so that you can focus on your business goals. We can act as your contact person, offer advice, and we’ll even lead you to other experts in your field that can offer sound business advice. All our services and support can be obtained for a very reasonable price.

We can help you with:

  • Deciding which states and individual markets best fit your needs
  • Opening a bank account
  • Establishing a business address that best corresponds to what you need
  • Finding necessary data/information regarding the company founding
  • Trouble-shooting during the entire founding period of your company

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