Opening German Bank Accounts for U.S. Corporations and LLCs

American entrepreneurs who are selling or trading in Germany will often need a German bank account. German accounts help to simplify payments and transfers within the country and on the continent. Moreover, German accounts make it simpler for American entrepreneurs to receive payment. This is especially important because the American-style check system is all but non-existent.

It is, however, often difficult for US entrepreneurs to bring together all of the information necessary to open a proper account for businesses. Moreover, it can be difficult to negotiate the differing bank regulations because, often, lots of information and documents can be required. For example, the official IRS issuance of your tax identification number (or Certificate of Status) will be required from US firms. Also, it is often required that a German or American lawyer authenticates the document and issues the entrepreneur a certified “Legal Opinion” to meet the necessary conditions for a bank account.

The German American Chamber of Commerce California stands by your side to help navigate you through the process of starting a German account.

We support you with such important steps as:
  • Procuring statements from the US Trade Department and all other obligatory documents
  • When necessary, attaining an attorney to issue a certified “Legal Opinion”
  • Direct conversations with the German banks to overcome complicated requirements and the language barrier

During the entire process, we are there to provide service for you.

Of course, every situation is unique. Therefore, we cannot give the all-encompassing prescription. We can, however, offer you a brief description of the types of services we can offer. Let us give you personalized advice after hearing your particular situation.

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