Market & Address Research

Market Research

We can give you individualized market analysis for one flat-rate

Do you know if your products will succeed in the US?

Through our market analysis services, we do the research for the potential of your products and services in the U.S. Using our experienced staff and expert consultation we assess the success criteria and the sales potential of your products. Additionally, we gather information from: trade journals, trade associations, member directories, trade fairs and statistical publications.

Why should you pay for our market information?

The US market is a completely different place to do business. Drawing from prior experiences, it is typically better to do market research before just jumping right in. Many companies lose money because the haven’t gotten enough information about their target market. Moreover, you would like to make sure that your market research is professionally done by people who are well acquainted with the US-market conditions.

The basis for obtaining market information for your market entry

Based on our experience, we know what information will be right for your business during your market observation stage. We compile a market research package which is tailored to your company’s particular requirements.

We provide you with information about:

  • Market Size and Potential Growth
  • Competitors
  • Laws & Regulations (e.g. safty standards, product liablitity)
  • Patent & Trademark Requirements
  • Trade Agreements and Import Restrictions
  • Distribution Channels
Address Research

Having trouble finding a business address in the U.S.? Don’t have time to consult directories to develop your activities? The GACC CA can help you to quickly identify and contact your potential customers, export partners, or investors, whatever your size and industry are.

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