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Perleberg Pharma Partner

Perleberg Pharma Partner

Project Description:
Perleberg Pharma Partner is specialized in market research for the health care industry. The company supports the decision making of global marketing and branding teams by generating highly qualitative market insights and turning them into strategic recommendations that leads to market success. It includes NPD/ positioning studies, communications testing (i.e. logo, names, ad-concepts, sales folder testing), status quo insight generations, medical device testing/ packaging tests, block-buster name testing (quantitative) and burden of illness detector/patient research.

Scope of Work:
Comprehensive market analysis on portable ECG devices in Germany. The study included the analysis of statistics on cardiovascular deceases in Germany; covered e-procurement; purchasing associations; the G-DRG System; SCP-ECG (standard communication protocol); competitor analysis; market entry and distribution including indirect channels (medical devices wholesalers and retailers, cooperation with medical device manufacturers) and direct channels (specialized stores, hospitals, nursing homes, medical practices, drug stores, pharmacies, online sales)


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