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Hochspannungs-Lichttechnik Bernd Ballaschk GmbH

Hochspannungs-Lichttechnik Bernd Ballaschk GmbH

Project Description:
Since 1994 Hochspannungs-Lichttechnik Bernd Ballaschk GmbH has been developing and producing LED lights complying with state-of-the-art technology and approved by the Federal Ministry of Transport. The development work is based on many years of experience in assembling and performing maintenance on numerous flight obstruction lighting facilities in Germany and abroad. Apart from the delivery of various components for an aviation obstruction firing system, the company also offers the complete installation of these systems. They manufacture control cabinets and distributions for firing systems according to specific costumers’ demands.

Scope of Work:
Supervise the North American certification process for the client’s beacon lights in order to attest to the conformity of the equipment with the prescribed standards and control procedures of the facilities; Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) compliance; FAA certification AC 150/5345-43F; ETL certification; ICAO certification as well as Airport Lighting Equipment Certification Program



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