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Asisi Panorama International GmbH

Asisi Panorama International GmbH

Project Description:
Asisi Panorama International GmbH has been acting as the general agency managing the national and international development of Yadegar Asisi’s panoramic art since June 2012 and is also responsible for project management. The Asisi Panoramas are extremely successful in Germany. Even within the first year of exhibition The Amazonas Panorama attracted 450.000 people. Meanwhile the expansion for international markets and the existing variety of motives speaks for itself. Due to its extraordinary experience and intense closeness of its topics, also U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama visited the exhibition of The Berlin Wall exhibition in Berlin.

Scope of Work:
GACC California’s work focuses on identifying ideal locations, strategic partners and investors with the ultimate goal to showcase an asisi panorama in the U.S.


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