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Julia Bell

Julia Bell, Program Coordinator

Program Coordinator

Julia Haase has been part of the GACC CA team since January 2015 and is currently working out of our San Diego office. After having spent a High School Semester in New York State back in 2008, her interest in the U.S. and the world at large grew constantly. Thus, Julia decided to do her bilingual bachelor’s in American Studies and Political Science with an emphasis on international relations at the University of Göttingen. Having had the chance to expand her horizon while learning about transnational relations, American cultural history and the British and American System in particular, i.e., she turned her desire to do her master’s in England’s metropolis London into the necessary motivation to embrace this next step towards a career on an international scale. Various practical experiences on the side including internships in the political, cultural and communications sector, have spurred her interest to work in an international, English-speaking environment. By the end of 2014, Julia finished her studies in Political Communications at Goldsmiths, UoL. She greatly enjoys doing sports, tries to hop on a plane whenever she can and is a fan of new communication tools to connect cultures and thus bring the world closer together, which she considers essential for greater cross-cultural understanding. At GACC CA, she is responsible for J and B visa related questions and processes.


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