Meet The USEEP Scholars!

GACC California is celebrating its two year anniversary of its US European Exchange Program (USEEP)!


Available to:
Current or recent graduates from a U.S. university with a background in HR, communications, international relations, international business or similar.
Award Amount: 1,200 Euros/month
Program Registration Fee: $0.00
Monthly Program Fees: Waived
Visa Fees: Reimbursed

2017/2018 Scholarship Recipients:

Riley Macdonald: Finished in August 2017
See on LinkedIn what Riley is doing now at CLASP .

Amaka Ifeadike: Finished in March 2017
See on LinkedIn what Amaka is doing now at IFSA

David Baxter: Finished in June 2017
See on LinkedIn what David is doing now at Hudson Law.

Ana Soto: Finished in September 2017
See on LinkedIn what Ana is doing now.

Emily Cowan: Finished in March 2018
See on LinkedIn what Emily is doing now at VIPKID.

Renee Cole: Finished in May 2018
See on LinkedIn what Renee is doing now.

Also, read about their stories, achievements and experiences here on Glassdoor.

Please note, the anonymous Glassdoor reviews dated August 3 and August 4, 2018 are currently under investigation internally as well as with the Glassdoor company, and we will comment on it here shortly:

Each scholar was selected from a highly competitive pool of applicants from the USA.

Scholar testimonials: Following shortly.

Our scholars have demonstrated a strong skill set in the fields international education and business as well as intercultural communication helping to create a better world. This shall be a resource for all past, current and future USEEP participants. We encourage you to stay in touch through email communications, or our social media and special events. You can also request a password to access our internal discussion blogIf you haven’t already, please connect with us on Facebook. We also invite you to take a minute with us and let us know what you are doing. Contact: useep@gaccca.orgWe would love to add your story to the list of USEEP scholars who are making a difference.

For potential USEEP employers and recruiting managers, contact us at to verify scholar references.


The Team of GACC California!